Video and multimedia

Why would anyone use video in their classroom? i'm sure you've got plenty of ideas yourself.. and here's a set of 10 suggestions for learning activities from David McGill in the Internet TESL Journal (Feb.'10).

Suggested learning activities

  • Find an interesting video on one of the video sites. Embed it onto your blog and add a comment.
  • Think up the outline for a classroom activity using video, and post this idea to your blog. Don't worry too much about fleshing out the detail.

Extra explorations

  • Subscribe to an RSS feed from a video site, eg TED Talks.
  • Read the McGill article and post a reflection on your blog: would any of these ideas work with your learners?
  • Search for additional teaching strategies, eg in the internet TESL Journal . (You might like to summarise an article for your colleagues, on your blog. Remember to link back to the original article.)
  • Is your college blocking video sites? (Or have they neglected to upgrade the flash player in your web browser?)
a) Find a way past the block (eg proxy browser), or
b) write a message to the department of information and communicative technologies (ICT) explaining how you need to use video in your classroom. Keep it friendly if you can. Post a copy on your blog.

Links and notes

Video sites include: youtube, youtube edu, teacher tube, blip tv,

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