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NetworkedTeacher_-_344832591_01289b9913_b.jpgSo you've explored a range of web2 technologies.. which ones grabbed your interest as potentially useful in the classroom? (If any.. ) Were there any technologies that could help you, your colleagues or your learners to increase their range of learning options, to save time, to connect with a wider network?

This is a "mini-project" activity suggestion.

Essentially to design a learning activity for your learners involving something you've discovered in your 23 Things journey. For example, you've tried blogging. Now design an activity where you use blogging with students. You could go through with it - implement, evaluate etc. Or you can just blog your idea, and see what people say in response.

I'll find a template and post it here soon (Oct'11).

Image credit: (creative commons at flickr) Thanks: Alec Couros.

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