RSS means Headlines or Latest Updates.

Basically, it's a way of getting:external image 375671790_9856cec546_d.jpg
  • Latest updates, or Headlines
  • .. without visiting the original source.

Say you like reading a couple of blogs regularly. You don't have to visit their blog page all the time. Subscribe to their RSS feed, and your feed reader will tell you when there's a new post.

Common Craft have a very good intro to RSS:

Suggested learning activities

  1. Try out google reader as an example of an RSS feed reader: If you didn't sign up for a google account to create your blog, then create one now .
  2. Choose 5-10 blogs and podcasts, and subscribe in google reader .
  3. Subscribe to your colleagues' blog feeds as well (help video further down the page).
  4. Add tags to each blog feed, so they're in categories (help video further down the page).
  5. Post a reflection in your blog, outlining your impressions (positive and negative) about the whole experience.

Extra explorations

  1. Read through the latest posts coming into your reader, and select some posts you like to star, or share.
  2. Find out some keyboard shortcuts (key ? when in reader).
  3. When you share some posts you like, add a note to help your followers.
  4. Then add a google reader "shared items" gadget to your blog.
  5. Visit your feed reader regularly, and occasionally write a blog post relating to some of the news you've starred (and linking to the original story).

Places to find "rss feeds" for headlines and latest updates

Most news websites have an RSS feed these days, eg:

Here are some bloggers, collections of blogs:

Introductions and how-to guides

JISC in the UK has produced a set of guides. Here's their introductory video:

Common Craft have a good intro to RSS too:

Latest headlines from your learning

Here are the latest headlines from all the wonderful people on this 23 Things adventure:

    Using google reader

    One way to read headlines or feeds is via google reader.
    Here's the team from Common Craft again, with an intro to google reader:

    Expert Village has some good intro videos for google reader too
    eg: how to add a subscription:

    and how to organise your feeds:

    photo credit: (creative commons at flickr) Thanks: jrhode at flickr .

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