.. an introduction to Web2 for people working in Adult Community Education (ACE)

This course is based on the work of other people from Charlotte and Meckleburg to Yarra Plenty and East Gippsland (a great partnership between the local ACE community college and the local library). 23 Things has been a successful program in public libraries around the world, introducing people to the worlds of social networking software, often referred to as "Web 2".

An Active Approach to Learning

The original 23 Things course was very much about getting actively involved in a network of peers and colleagues, getting hands-on with all the communication tools, and using a blog to post your reflections as you learn. So much easier to learn when you're actively having a go. That's why we start with blogging: we're asking you to post a reflective comment for each aspect of the course, sharing links, ideas and feelings.

Session schedule (could be weekly or fortnightly, depending on your pace)
  1. Intro to blogging : explore some blogs, and start your own.
  2. Photos and images online : social interaction and fun stuff too.
  3. Headlines and feeds : intro to "rss".
  4. What is this wiki thing ? collaborative authoring part i
  5. Audio : All about sound, podcasts, voiceboards..
  6. Video : moving pictures and other multimedia.
  7. Collaborative authoring part ii - google docs.
  8. Social bookmarking - share your discoveries on the web.
  9. Social networking - connect with colleagues and friends in many different ways.
  10. Teaching and learning - design a learning activity using one or more of these tools to increase access or flexibili

Plenty of new vocabulary

If you haven't been immersed in these new tools, you might have missed some new terms: blog , wiki , podcast , social bookmarking, tag clouds, RSS feeds , cloud computing , social software , social networking , participatory digital culture and yes "Web2.0 ". We'll be exploring this new language along the way.

.. but surely you've heard these ones: youtube, google, wikipedia, your abc.

The main point is that people are using these tools to connect, share ideas and communicate all around the world in new and enjoyable ways.

This wiki was developed in a joint collaboration between PRACE and CAE.

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