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japanese_envelope_-_2096287990_d5ab0da6d4_b.jpgIf you're like many knowledge workers in the 21st Century, you'll often find yourself using a different computer. You may also find you want to share your good web finds with colleagues and friends. If this is the case then you ought to try social bookmarking.

Suggested learning activities

Sign up for an account at one of the popular social bookmarking sites, eg
  1. delicious (probably the easiest and most popular, and the one we'll focus on here)
  2. diigo
  3. magnolia
  • Assuming you've gone with delicious, add the toolbar or the "bookmarklet" to your web browser.
  • Start bookmarking and tagging the good web sites you find. Remember to also add some descriptive comment to help people following your bookmarks.
  • Add one of your colleagues to your network in delicious.
  • if you're on a shared computer.. make sure you're logged out before you leave!!

Extra explorations

Side notes of interest

Delicious links also have an RSS feed. You can embed these rss feeds in places like wikispaces.
For example, here are the latest delicious bookmarks from michael chalk

    Take a look at these original ideas from the 23 Things site:

    1. Week 6: Tagging, Folksonomies & Technorati
    2. Learn about tagging and discover a (a social bookmaking site)
    3. Explore Technorati and learn how tags work with blog posts.
    4. Read a few perspectives on Web 2.0, Library 2.0 and the future of libraries and blog your thoughts.

    photo credit: (creative commons at flickr) Thanks: //Lynne (Gracie's mum)// for japanese bookmark.

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