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How to get started

Blogger has their own introduction site . It's just a quick intro not much help!

Here's a video showing us how to set up a blog at (if you have a google account, you can log in with that).

Here's another video showing us how to make your first post in blogger (from howcast):

Include images

This page on the blogger help site shows how to include an image in your post.
(Oh no.. they've changed it since they made the help file.)

What about comments?

You can make your blog a place for conversation, by enabling users to leave comments on any post. You can let people comment anonymously, or you may insist on some identification via a login. Blogger lets you offer different ways to login, including google accounts and OpenID.

Here's a screencast of michael chalk showing how comments work in blogger.

Upload or embed video

These days you can upload a video directly into a blogger post

If you want to embed video from another source, for example Youtube, here's an intro on the blogger help site .

There are many more instructional videos out there, eg via the google video collection .
The trick is finding one that suits you (and finding one where the presenter doesn't tell you how simple it all is, in a super confident tone).

More help files?

Sue Waters has a good set of resources for getting the basics of blogging . For Sue, blogging is a crucial element in developing a Personal Learning Network (PLN). In essence, a PLN means you develop your learning through connecting with a network of peers.

What else do we need here?

  • a link to the help files for edublogs and wordpress
  • how to change your layout in blogger
  • some tips for writing on screen

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