loud_speaker_-_864731205_d8fa478b1f_o.jpgSome have said that sound online changes everything, in terms of communication. Others say they still prefer working with text chat.

Suggested learning activities

  1. Find a podcast that is worth listening to, eg via the ABC. Subscribe to the RSS feed in your feed reader (eg google reader). Download the mp3 file to your computer and listen on the computer or on a portable drive. Post your reflections on the podcast and the process in your blog.
  2. Post an audio reflection on your blog, using a web application service like iPadio (or.. ) How could audio technologies help the learners in your classroom?

Extra explorations

  • Explore one of the Australian Flexible Learning Framework projects on audio (listed below), and write a brief summary in your blog.
  • Or if you're feeling brave, record a 3 minute overview of your impressions and findings, and embed this in your blog (eg via one of the audio web apps listed below).
  • Visit the Can You Hear Us? site , and find a learning activity that you could adapt to your classroom and learners..
  • Explore the Can You Hear Us? social bookmarks

Australian Flexible Learning Framework audio projects

a) Different Voices Different Spaces - (DVDS) a national project looking at three different voice technology projects, with Delia Bradshaw as mentor (or grab copy of the CD);
b) Beyond Text - one of the three projects in DVDS, a tafe project involving ESL learners (i think);
c) Engage-me - a project from NSW, working originally with young people;
d) Podcasting - how to find useful ESL / Literacy podcasts;
e) Media on the Move, a 2006 project looking at broadcasting multi-media;
f) your guide to Social e-learning; a 2007-8 project from the Australian Flexible Learning Framework (Framework)
g) Can You Hear Us? a 2007-8 project from PRACE and ACE colleagues, funded by the e-learning innovations stream of the Australian Flexible Learning Framework.

Audio "web apps" (applications on the web)

  • iPadio lets you record a message from your phone which you can then embed in your blog / wiki.
  • Chirbit lets you record a message via the web page, or upload audio.
  • Audiooo lets you upload or record a message.

Original 23 Things ideas

From Helen Blowers' fabulous work :

Week 9: Podcasts, Video & Downloadable audio
  1. Discover YouTube and a few sites that allow users to upload and share videos.
  2. Discover some useful search tools for locating podcasts.
  3. Take a look at the titles available onNetLibrary and learn how to download audiobooks.

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